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Environmental Monitoring Database (EMD)

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The Environmental Monitoring Database (EMD) contains both grab (single) samples and results from automated data loggers. These results must be queried for separately. Querying both types of data is recommended to obtain as much monitoring data as possible for the area, time frame etc. of interest.

A "Grab Sample" is one sample from any given sampling station, not collected as part of a continuous record of timed samples. An example would be a single sample collected from a sampling station during a two-week period.

"Time Series Results from Automated Data Loggers" is a set of results from instruments programmed to record measurements at specific time intervals over a given period of time. An example would be measurements taken automatically every 15 minutes during a two-week period.


The data query tool is currently not functioning.
Please email data requests to or go to the OneStop Data Mapper to see quick results by station (sampling location).


For more information about the database, please click on About the EMD. Links to information on how to query the database or interpret the result files can be found at the top of the next query form after the "Go" button above is clicked.