General Information and Instructions



Period of Record and Source.


Well construction reports are filed with the State of New Hampshire by licensed water well contractors. Reporting of well construction records was mandated by state law effective January 1, 1984. No records exist in the Well Completion Reports table prior to this date.


Notes on Querying the Table:


      The wild card character % will allow you to query for word(s) anywhere.


      The Town, Alternate Town, and Well Construction Date columns are drop down list columns.


      Any combination of columns may be used to formulate your query.


      The most effective way to query the table is by using Town and Road name.


      When entering a Road name, always use the root name of the Road followed by the wild card character % with no spaces. For example, If your querying wells on Eagle Drive, type in %Eagle% , If your querying wells on Settlers Ridge Rd, type in %Settler%. The preceding % is provided for you. This wild card will capture any prefix that may be used in the Road name such as: Old Settlers Ridge or North Settlers Ridge.


      Well owner information provided on a well construction report is the name of the well contractors client, which will typically be the homeowner at the time of construction or the general building contractor.


      Any combination of descriptive information may be provided including; Town and Road Only, Road and Subdivision Lot Number, Road and Tax Map & Parcel Number, Street Address, or Town and Year of Construction.


      In order to increase the likelihood of a successful match, the user should obtain as much information about the property as possible including; the building contractor name, original owner name, map, parcel, and subdivision lot number, date constructed, and well company name.


Output Format.


The first page displayed provides information about Well Owner, Type, and Location.

Well records are sorted first by Road, and then by Date Completed.

Once the well record of interest is identified, Mouse click on State Well ID.

Page 2 is displayed indicating the well characteristics including Depth, Casing, Yield, and Static Water Level.

Mouse click on Driller License Number.

Page 3 is displayed indicating the water well contractor Company Name, contact information, and license status.

The page displayed below is used for querying information from the Well Completion Reports table.