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Sunday, Jun. 24, 2018

Water Division –  Surface Water Quality Assessment Report Cards

Each Watershed Report Card covers a single 12 digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC12), on average a 34 square mile area, and has three components.

  1. REPORT CARD - A one page card that summarizes the overall use support for Aquatic Life, Primary Contact (i.e. Swimming), Secondary Contact (i.e. Boating), and Fish Consumption Designated Uses on every Assessment Unit ID (AUID) within the HUC12.
  2. HUC 12 MAP - A map of the watershed with abbreviated labels for each AUID within the HUC12.
  3. ASSESSMENT DETAILS - Anywhere from one to forty pages with the detailed assessment information for each and every AUID in the Report Card and Map.

  1. Select your town of interest from the dropdown box. You will be presented with one or more 12 digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC12) that touches your selected town.
  2. Select the PDF for the HUC12 name that best describes you area of interest.

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