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Underground Storage Tank Red-Tag List
Oil Delivery Prohibition to Non-Compliant Tanks
Changes to RSA 146-C, which became effective on July 1, 2007, authorized the Department of Environmental Services (DES) to affix a Red-Tag to a fill pipe of a non-compliant underground storage tank and thereby prohibit delivery of oil to that tank. See the fact sheet REM-27 for more information. DES is required to publish a list of Red-Tagged tanks/facilities and to provide such list to any requesting oil delivery company. Prior to affixing the Red-Tag on the tank, DES is required to notify the facility owner/operator of it's "Intent to Red-Tag" the tank and provide a list of facilities receiving "Intent to Red-Tag" Letters to any requesting oil delivery company. Oil delivery companies requesting notification will receive an email with a link to this page each time there is a change in the lists (a tank/facility has been added or deleted). Delivery companies may request email notification by requesting to be added to the Oil Delivery Company Contacts Database.
List of Facilities with "Intent to Red-Tag" Letters
The "Intent to Red-Tag" Letter establishes to the date on which DES will affix a Red-Tag, prohibiting the delivery of oil to that tank. The Red-Tag will not be affixed and the facility/tank will be deleted from this list, if the facility owner/operator achieves compliance prior to the "Intent to Red-Tag" Date.
List of Red-Tagged Facilities
These tank systems have been Red-Tagged because of failure by the facility owner/operator to correct operational deficiencies that are in violation of NH Code of Administrative Rules, Env-Wm 1401. RSA 146-C:14 prohibits the delivey or deposit of oil into a non-compliant tank that has a Red-Tag affixed to the tank's fill pipe. Any person who violations of RSA 146-C:14 is subject to a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 for each violation. If facility owner/operator achieves compliance, the Red-Tag will be removed and the facility/tank will be deleted from this list.

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