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One Stop
This screen is the entry screen for the Department of Environmental Services One Stop Information Access System. From here you can query the master site table for information regarding any site of interest to the Department, or you can go directly to a particular program to access information regarding sites of interest to that program. The screens that follow provide additional querying instructions for the master site table and for each program. Recently, the ability to query for environmental monitoring data was added to OneStop (See Environmental Monitoring Database further down on this page).

The Department has gone through a process of matching program databases against each other in order to build a master site table that contains a single entry for each site of interest to one or more of the programs. Each site is assigned a unique number, and this number is maintained in the master site table and in each program database with an interest in that site. This unique number is then used as the key to retrieve information from each database containing information on a site, and as the link to identify which databases contain information on the same site.

Each of the programs participating in this system (the ones listed on this screen below the One Stop Master) has determined which database fields to make accessible, and has also provided descriptions of those fields written for the average citizen. As a general rule, the only fields not accessible are ones containing confidential business information regarding the site or ones containing enforcement-related information for an active case.

The matching process to assign unique numbers and build the master site table is ongoing. As a program completes the process the unique numbers are added to the master site table and their database, the program manager determines which data fields will be accessible and writes descriptions of those data fields, and then the program is added to the list on this screen. While we are making every effort to add all of the Department's program databases to this system as quickly as possible, you may not necessarily find the information you are looking for if the relevant programs are not yet part of the system.

The master site table screen (the next screen if you click on One Stop Master) provides a link to submit comments or questions. Please use this link for any comments or questions about any aspect of this system, including comments on the ease/difficulty of use and whether the information you are searching for is available. This is very much a work in progress that we have chosen to go ahead and make available in the spirit of information access; your comments and suggestions will help make it better.

Environmental Monitoring Database
In the Summer of 2004 the Department added to OneStop the ability to query on the Environmental Monitoring Database. This database is a partner to the OneStop database and operates in much the same way. Agency data is brought into this database as time and resources permit so it will not contain all of the agencies data for sometime. Historical data related to this database will be spotty depending on the quality of the historical data and the resources available to import it into the database.