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Vapor Recovery Facility Information
Column Definitions
Field Description
ID A number is assigned to identify a site.
Activity Info A list containing dates of any actions taken, the action types, the DES Contact initials, the monetary amount of any fees, name of the company responsible for the testing, the name of the tester, and the check number used to pay any fees.
Name The name of the company, plant, site
Address Street address of the site.
Town Town of the site.
Owner Name Name of the owner
Owner Town Owner Town–Mailing Address
Owner State Owner State–Mailing Address
Certificate No Certificate number issued
Expiration Date Expiration date of certificate
Stage One Type Manufacturer of Stage One vapor recovery device
Stage Two Type Manufacturer of Stage Two vapor recovery device
Number of Dispensers # of dispensers at the site
Number of Nozzles # of nozzles at the site
Number of Tanks # of tanks at the site