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New to NHB DataCheck?

Using this Tool, a project planner may:

  1. Locate and Draw a project on an interactive map.
  2. Check the project area for NHB records.
  3. Depending on the results of the data check:
  1. Save or print a NHB letter (no records nearby); or
  2. Request a further check by NHB (records found nearby).
Need Help?
Click here to view the help document. The help document may also be viewed by clicking on the wildflower in the upper left corner of any page in the NHB DataCheck Tool.


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*Guests may map project areas and get a preliminary check of the NHB database.  However, to get official results you should now sign up as a registered user.  There is no fee for registering and you will not be placed on any mailing lists.
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